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I purchased a set of 3 stools to test them for a possible large order for a restaurant. I'm also an interior designer.

The stools arrived with no instructions. My husband and I tried to put together as it seemed simple enough but the stool came out crooked. The seat was on a tilt and there was no way you could sit on it properly. It wasn't fitting together correctly. I called and asked for instructions to be sent and was told I had to email for them. Why, they couldn't honor my request over the phone, I don't know.

So I emailed Jacob who asked me to send photos when I complained and said I needed instructions. I sent a number of photos that clearly showed the seat was off balance and his response was, "What's wrong with it?" I advised him it was crooked and if he couldn't tell from the photo to please take my word for it. And again, to send me instructions in case there was a directional issue I didn't know of.

He then told me to send them back. No offer of instructions. I told him he should send me an RMA, as I didn't feel I should pay for shipping back on 3 stools that are defective. I was then ignored.

I called customer service and asked to speak to a manager, figuring there was someone more helpful above Jacob and was horrified when I was told he is the owner. I advised them there was a potential large order and they just ignored me again. If I ran my business like this I wouldn't have one anymore.

I attached the photo-- you decide if you could balance on a tilted chair. I think it's pretty clear.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instyle Modern Chair.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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That is because you put the stool together incorrectly. the high side of the stool should be to the rear not the side. you simply need to turn the seat 45 degrees so that the high side is to the front.

San Francisco, California, United States #833624

sersiously?? I am pretty sure you installed the seat facing SIDEWAYS on the legs not facing forward... I COULD balance on a tilted chair if you built it using common sense and it tilted BACKWARDS slightly...

Princeton, New Jersey, United States #801523

I bought the same stools from dwr and assembled them myself. It didn't have instructions and it was confusing, I agree.

However, it looks like you just confused the legs.... If you took all four screws out from below and rotated the top piece 90 degrees to the left...

Meaning higher two legs to the front.. It looks like it would be fine.

Seattle, Washington, United States #791948

I would say that the seat and back need to be swiveled to the left, so that the front of the seat will now be slightly raised.

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